Short Videos

Fern-Sehen (1994/2015)

Passengers arrive from a flight Tel Aviv – Amsterdam. The video Fern-Sehen (1994) shows a 22 minutes pass through the arrival door.

The Airport Arrival: a transit-space, a non-space.
Transitory encounters: a metaphor of escaping and disorientation.





In my video works Boy in Subway (1995) and Without Words (1997) , I played with the perception of time, and attempted to seduce the spectator into experiencing various layers at once: the present time, the suggestive time and the past.

Boy in Subway (1995)

Videostills: Ohne Worte / Without Words (1997)

The video Ohne Worte (1997) explores a psychologically tense situation that moves between miscommunication and childhood memories. The conversation between the protagonists is hardly understandable, as the audio plays in reverse.